Your Options for Atmosphere are Deep and Wide

One of the best things about natural stone surfaces is the variety of styles you can choose from—there’s no one way to decorate a kitchen or a bathroom, and when it comes to sinks, it seems like there’s almost no two ways alike!

There are many different sink styles to choose from, and many different ways the sink interacts with the design of the countertop, and every combination brings a different vibe to the room. Here are a few ideas for how to create different atmospheres in your kitchen and bathroom using your sink and countertop:

Classic and Stately

There are many ways to pair your sink and countertop to evoke classic lines and suggest a timeless elegance. We recommend using gray, white, or light colored granite and choosing a bevelled or interesting edge profile. The sink is not the showpiece, but the stone, so choose a white drop basin and silver fixtures that won’t distract.

Calming and Welcoming

The easiest way to achieve a calming bathroom design is with neutral, natural colors and smooth lines. Drop sinks that come right from the lip of the granite without any rim or are smoothly formed from the countertop itself create a zen feeling akin to an infinity pool. Brown colors and light from different angles complete the look.

Edgy and Contemporary

The edgy or contemporary look is all about squared, blunt edges that show off a bold stone pattern. You want smooth lines with a lot of texture coming from the colors, and a sink with a shiny basin in a metallic color like silver or bronze that will give a little futuristic contrast to the ancient natural stone.


If you ever want to discuss your vision for your kitchen or bathroom, come into the showroom of Granite and Marble Specialities, or give us a call! We’d love to talk about what kind of sink, edge profile, stone, or style you should consider.