Robo SawJet

BACA Systems Robo SawJet is a high-production dual table SawJet that integrates both a high-pressure abrasive waterjet and 20HP direct-drive saw. It has a Dual Table System which means we double our production, allowing us to save 20% on material and 70% on production time. In the end, saving our customers time and money.


LTZ horizontal rectilinear

The high performance and reliable LTZ horizontal rectilinear is the top of the line technology for polishing stone edges. The machine is equipped with diamond grinding wheels and a micro oscillation system that allow for precise and efficient polishing and smoothing abrasive edges.

Miter Excel

Accurate cuts are achieved due to the fixed 45º angle of the cutting blade and the straight edge system. A range of material thicknesses and hardness are accommodated with less chipping and cut deflection because of the small diameter continuous ring diamond tipped blade and its variable speed control.

SKEMA modern monobloc bridge saw

The SKEMA modern monobloc bridge saw features three powered axes travelling on steel guideways with revolving spheres. The bridge saw has a laser that is positioned on the blade guard to indicate the cut line, enabling accuracy before cuts are made. The profile program communicates directly with our CAD software to allow the most precise fabrication.


TITAN® CNC Fab Center

The TITAN® Fab Center combines efficient and accurate cutting, shaping, and polishing capabilities into one machine. It uses a 24 HP/10,000 RPM direct drive spindle and a robust saw that is able to cut through material at 96 inches/minute. Edges are cut with exact precision, saving us the hassle of refining cut pieces while saving our customers time and money.



  • Nest DXF files across multiple slabs
  • Preview, Print and Save the layout image
  • Easy alignment over actual slab photo
  • Runs on Windows
  • Easy to use tool functions
  • Lowers Operator Setup Time
  • Maximizes Material Usage
  • Perfect Seam Alignment
  • Complex Layouts Done in Minutes


VeinMatch is a tool built into our Robo SawJet that our technicians use to match veins from different parts of the same slab without utilizing a second slab. It allows us not to compromise the material flow or the final look for the customer. The process of matching two pieces of stone to form a seam is rather challenging. In the past, this can only be done by eye and physically manuevering the pieces. However, VeinMatch provides a digital alternative, allowing our technicians to visualize and manipulate the patterns digitally. This, in turn, saves our customer money, time, and material.