What is the best way to get an estimate?

How do I get an estimate? Because we’ve added a list of our remnants to our website, you can simply email us with the name and inventory number of the remnant you like, including the dimensions of the piece you’re wanting us to fabricate for you. You can also stop by our Kent location to pick your remnant and we can give you an estimate at that time (this is the preferred method).

Congratulations! You have made a significant investment in your home by purchasing natural stone lasting a lifetime. As marble and granite are porous natural rock, the stone requires proper care and maintenance to help your counters continue looking fabulous The use of a sealer will help prevent staining in most situations.

Even a properly sealed surface can stain if left in contact with a staining agent for an extended period of time. Therefore, all spills should be wiped up as soon as possible, and napkins or coasters should be set when serving beverages or food on a stone bar, table, or countertop. Soft drinks, coffee, tea, and fruit juices contain mild acids which can etch the polished surface of a stone and stain rather quickly. Stains should be cleaned off immediately lukewarm water and mild soap. If left unsealed, everyday spills can easily penetrate the surface. The liquid may eventually evaporate but a stain is left behind.

When your counters are installed, we will apply a complementary coat of industrial grade sealer. However, we also recommend that you apply another coat of sealer 24 hours after your counters are installed.
Applying the sealer

Clear all objects off your countertops and clean your surface thoroughly.
Pour sealer content into a clean spray bottle. Spray sealer across entire surface; spreading the sealer evenly using a small clean paintbrush.
Let the sealer sit for 30 minutes. If any dry spots appear, apply more sealer to dry area. The counters need to be evenly soaked with sealer for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, remove all excess sealer with paper towel or clean dry cloth. If the sealer dries and leaves a film, just re-apply the sealer and wipe the surface clean.

For lighter stones, particularly marble, repeat the sealing process 3 times in one 12 hour period.

Our heavy duty vehicles have been specifically modified to ensure safe delivery of your new countertop. Our installation team has over 20 years of experience in delivering stone slab in the greater Puget Sound region.
We guarantee your counter tops will be installed within 10 business days. Please be sure all your appliances are on site for the installation. Your inspection of the finished job is essential. The installer will walk through with you and answer any questions you have. Your approval of the installation paperwork confirms you are satisfied with the work. We congratulate you and sincerely hope you enjoy you beautiful new counter tops.

Once the template has been created, and pattern flow lines have been established, the stone and custom template is delivered to our fabrication department where the actual cutting and fabrication occur.  Our fabrication system sends your template to our CNC stone saw  which cuts exact pieces from the slabs you have chosen.  The newly exposed edges are hand created into the edge profile you have chosen by our expert polishers.

After creating your custom template, we will place your template on your slab, and identify the best possible layout for correct flow of pattern and grain, ensuring seamless end results and harmony.
Our template system allows us to get exact measurements of your counters. If you are purchasing new cabinets, your cabinets must be installed. If you are not purchasing new cabinets, your counter tops must be cleared of all items prior to templating. If you choose, you may purchase a sink from us directly. Any appliances that will touch your counter tops including your sink(s), faucets, dishwasher, ice machine, food warming oven, stove, range or refrigerator and freezer need to be on-site at template. Once the template is complete, we send the template through our fabrication department to be configured, cut and polished.
After you choose your stone, our team will contact you to schedule a day to come out to your project site and create a custom template of your project.
STEP 1  Draw a basic layout of your kitchen or bathroom on a plain sheet of paper, as if looking down from above. Please include areas where sink, refrigerator, range, island, bars and back-splashes are located.
STEP 2   Use a tape measure and measure in inches beginning from the outside edge and measure the length along the wall. Measure the width of the counter from the back to the front.
STEP 3    Add approximately 1 1/2 inch of overhang on sides that do not border a wall stove or refrigerator.
STEP 4   Measure the back splashes from the top of the counter surface to the top of the back splash, and remember to indicate the back splash on the layout of your counter tops.
STEP 5   After measuring your counters and sketching a layout, we invite you to bring your sketch to our showroom so one of our team members can calculate the total square footage of material required for your project.

We offer an astounding selection of granite and marble, available for your perusal at our showroom located in Kent, WA.  Our professionals are ready to assist you through your selection process.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Stone

We have an extensive array of natural stone in stock on display in our showroom.
You are welcome to call ahead and make an appointment  so we can best accommodate you.
We suggest you come with a rough drawing complete with approximate measurements and any samples of any features you wish to match to your selection of stone.

Can I use marble on my kitchen countertops?

Yes, millions of kitchens are done in marble BUT it is important to realize the different qualities that marble possess. Marble, in general, is a softer and more porous material.

What is the difference between Honed and Polished?

Honed finishes are not as shiny as polished finishes. They are more of a matte finish and lighter in color. Polished stones have a high gloss finish. Stones that are polished can be honed and vice a versa in our shop.

How many seams will my countertop have?

The number of sea ms vary from project to project. The shape and size of your countertops will be the determining factor. When our staff goes out to your home to measure they will show you on your layout exactly where the seams will be placed. In general, pieces longer than 96” will need to be seamed, especially if there is a sink or cooktop cut out on that piece.

Are seams visible?

Yes, seams are visible on your countertop. We make an effort to place the pieces as close together as possible and bond them together with color-coordinated glue. A well executed seam will be smooth but can be felt.

Does the 3/4” thick granite hold up as well as the thicker 1 1/4” ?

Yes, 3/4? thick stone is an industry standard. The only time you may be advised to use the thicker stone is if you have a very long stretch that has a sink cut out that or if you have an island/peninsula that has a large over hang. You may need extra support under the thinner stone where you would not need it for the thicker.

What makes one stone more expensive than the other?

The price of stone is determined by a number of different factors. One of the first being the difficulty in quarrying a particular stone. Some stones are much deeper in the ground than others and therefore require special machines, more time and man power to extract from the ground. Another factor is what part of the world the stone is coming from: the costs in that country for shipping, taxes, customs etc. The availability of a stone is another factor in price. It is possible for a quarry to run out of a specific stone. When quarries see that they are running low on a particular material the price goes up.

How much does my stone weigh?

1 1/4” (3cm) thick stone weighs approx 17 lbs per sqft. 3/4” (2cm) thick stone weighs approx 11 lbs per sqft. Stone tile weighs approx 5 lbs per sqft.

How often should I seal my granite/marble countertops?

We will seal your countertops free of charge after we install them in your home. We recommend that you seal them yourself every 1 -2 years based on what material you choose. We also recommend HMK stone sealing products for sealing and daily maintenance of your countertop.

Where does our stone come from?

We import stone from over thirty different countries all over the world. We even bring in stones from different parts of the US.

Can you purchase a remnant without fabrication or installation?

Certainly. However, Granite & Marble Specialties has a 25 year warranty on our installation service, and being the #1 rated stone fabricator in Washington State, we guarantee you will not regret choosing us to help complete your project.

Do you fabricate and install remnants?

Absolutely. We offer both fabrication only and fabrication and installation options for remnants.

What can remnants be used for?

Are Remnants only used for Vanity tops? Although remnants are commonly used for vanity countertops, you can ultimately use remnants for any small project. Some examples include, fireplace hearths, wall caps, window sills, shower thresholds, etc.

Is there a cost saving advantage to purchasing remnants?

How much do I save by buying a Remnant? Absolutely. Customers with smaller projects (35 SF and below) can generally get away with finding a remnant as opposed to having to purchase a full slab.

How are remnants priced?

How does the pricing group work? All remnants are priced per square foot of the actual remnant size and are segregated by color coated price groups, Green, Blue & Red; Green being the least expensive and Red being the most.

Are Granite & Marble Specialties remnants available to see in person?

Could I see and inspect the Remnants in person? Absolutely. We highly recommend you coming to our 30,000 SF Kent showroom to personally select your remnant. Our showroom hours are Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm.

What is the best way to find granite, marble or quartz remnants?

How do I search for a Remnant?Granite & Marble Specialties has made finding remnants quick and painless. Simply go to granitemarblewa.com, click on Services, then click on Remnants. This will bring up a list of all of our current available granite, marble quartz and other stone remnants. Once you find a remnant you like, make note of the name and inventory number (ex. Glacier White MSI Quartz – A0252) then call us for pricing.