What Kinds of Granite Finishes Are There?

Most people aren’t even aware that there are multiple ways to finish a granite surface, but your choice of finish adds a whole new dimension to your options! Because we fabricate our slabs in-house, we’re able to offer you different kinds of finishes for your project.

Here are the three most popular options:


This is by far the most popular and common type of granite finish. It has a bright shine and is extremely smooth to the touch. It’s a great choice for kitchens, as it’s the easiest to clean and maintain and most resistant to stains. This is the classic look for granite, and the best way to show off the natural luminosity of the stone.


A honed granite surface is less shiny and reflective than a polished one while still being smooth enough to use in the kitchen. If you’re worried about a polished surface reflecting light too brightly or showing fingerprints and smudges too easily, you can choose a honed surface that will have a subtler look. Because it is slightly more porous than a polished surface, it requires a little more diligent cleaning, but as long as you are careful you’ll be just fine.


This type of super-matte surface is becoming one of the hottest trends in granite, though it’s still very uncommon because it requires a lot of work. A leathered surface has no reflective properties whatsoever, and is very textured. If you run your finger over the stone, it feels more like natural rock—not rough, but not perfectly smooth. This look is achieved using diamond brushes that mottle the surface layer. Though a very intriguing finish, it is much harder to clean and maintain than a polished surface because of the indentations.


Also called “flamed,” this finish is similar to the leathered look in that it is highly textured. Extreme heat is applied to the surface of the stone, which causes the crystals to “pop” and create indentations. This type of finish is especially popular in areas where you want to prevent the surface of the stone from being slippery, such as for stairs, poolsides, or walkways.

To learn more about the many options you have when it comes to your granite, call us at Granite & Marble Specialties, or come into our Kent or Seattle showrooms!