What is Metal Tile?

Metal tiles can add a versatile and textural design element to your bathroom or kitchen wall or floor. This is a good choice if you feel like your home has too much wood. Metal tiles appeal to our visual senses and can be as finessed or funky as your design tastes allow. Larger metal tiles can be used on countertops, too. A black grout will contrast with the metal tiles, creating a unique feeling within your home. Metal tiles can also be an interesting option for bar fronts. Because of their versatility, metal tiles can be used virtually anywhere – your imagination is the limit.

Metal tiles are generally made from copper, tin, aluminum and stainless steel, with recycled tiles being environmentally-friendly and popular today. A metal tile backsplash can be a gorgeous addition to a kitchen or bath. Embossed tin tiles and squares of sleek stainless steel provide a surface that is easy to clean and still adds to the overall look and feel of your room.

Some common backsplashes created from metal tiles include using tiles shaped as bricks, creating a mosaic pattern with various shapes and colors of metal tiles. Metal tiles are able to blend in with most designs and colors, which make decorating a breeze. These tiles are often available in a peel-and-stick product, which makes redecorating affordable and easy to install. there are many colors and styles of the peel-and-stick metal tiles available.

Caring for your metal tiles is easier than you might think. Iron and copper tiles will need to be sealed in order to prevent oxidation. Copper would turn darker and iron would begin to show signs of rust. A solvent-based sealer can help stop this. With other materials, they can be cleaned with dishwashing detergent and warm water. Use a microfiber cloth and rinse the tiles thoroughly. With stainless steel tiles, you will need a stainless steel cleaner and a lint-free, dry cloth.

Metal tiles have a huge variation in price depending on the material, style and finish you want with your wall or flooring.