What are Semi-Precious Surfaces?

Surfaces created from semi-precious stones are the pinnacle of luxury stone design, and a stunning example of how much beauty the natural world has to offer us. If you’ve ever seen a table, sink, vanity, floor, or accent area created from semi-precious stones, you’ve probably never forgotten it. Semi-precious stone surfaces make an impression that lasts a lifetime.

Semi-precious stone slabs are created in a way that is very similar to the creation of manufactured quartz. The individual stones, agates, gems or crystals are hand-selected for beauty, purity, and homogeneity and then combined with a clear epoxy or acrylic resin that binds and hardens. The resin that coats the stone not only keep the countertop together, but protects the agates against impact, heat, staining, or UV fading.

Though semi-precious stone surfaces look delicate, they are actually quite tough. Just as with quartz, the resin makes them resilient to staining or etching, which is why semi-precious stone is a very popular choice for bars and decorative tables. You won’t have to seal them, but you’ll also never have to worry about those wine spills or lemon wedges leaving a mark. Because semi-precious surfaces look so fragile–almost as though they were carved from glass–you’ll definitely impress anyone who comes to visit. Luckily, you’ll also enjoy the comfort of knowing your beautiful counter or sink can stand up to anything they might throw at it!

Perhaps the most vivacious choice for these semi-precious stone surfaces is agate. Agates can be found in many colors, and combine both layers of varying, banded color as well as central crystal formations. Your countertop, table, or sink will remind everyone of how they were once captivated by these stones as children.

Other stones such as jasper, quartz, or even petrified wood can also be used in semi-precious stone design. Really, it’s just a matter of taste–each different semi-precious material has a very similar care and maintenance routine because they’re all combined with the cured resin. The important thing is to find something that truly captures your imagination. As you might imagine, semi-precious stone countertops are one of the most expensive options there are, and it’s crucial that you choose something you’ll not only be happy with decades from now, but that you’ll be able to look at and enjoy every day.  A semi-precious stone accent is a way of creating magic and beauty in your home that is as rare and wonderful as the stones themselves, so choose whatever you find the most captivating.

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