Ways to Incorporate Granite in your Bathroom

Granite, and marble, too, make beautiful choices in the bathroom, and there are many ways to use this natural stone to enhance your bathroom’s appearance and functionality. Let’s take a look at the three primary placements!

Sink and Counters

48A granite sink is the classic place to use granite in your bathroom, and that’s because it’s the most durable sink you can buy. These sinks are resistant to scratches, heat, and chips. More importantly, they’re impervious to moisture, and if you think about how much standing water your sink is exposed to, that will not only keep your sink from degrading and keep it looking good, but the fact that it’s so easy to thoroughly clean is also a matter of health and hygiene. If you’re going to redo the sink in your primary bathroom, be sure to choose granite over marble or limestone, because if it sees a lot of traffic it’ll need to be able to stand up to heavy daily use. If you’re re-doing a bathroom that won’t be used by children or will be used infrequently, marble can also be a great choice for its beauty.



Showers and Bathtubs

8Lining your shower or bathtub with granite is an excellent way to not only raise the value of your home and impress your guests, but also to ensure a long life for your fixture. Granite naturally repels water, meaning that these showers will be resistant to the mildew and mold you often see growing in other showers. If you match your shower to your sink, the “wow factor” of your bathroom will be off the charts, and every time you wash your hair you’ll be surrounded by a cave of stunning, unique natural beauty.



Floors and Walls

Though we don’t offer this service installation at Granite and Marble Specialties, many people choose to install granite in their bathrooms for flooring and/or walls, which is dazzling to the eye and more durable than man-made materials. However, because floor and wall granite installations are usually done in tiles, rather than solid slabs, be sure that your grouting is not only properly applied the first time, but properly maintained.