4 Uses for Stone Remnants

At Granite and Marble Specialties, we have carefully chosen the most beautiful slabs of natural stone from all around the world. When we craft a countertop from these slabs, there are invariably extra small pieces cut away. We call these trimmings “remnants,” and many of them are large enough to be repurposed for another project!

If you have a small project, you can save an enormous amount of money by choosing something from our collection of hundreds of granite, quartz, and marble remnants. We sell our remnants at drastically reduced rates, and sometimes even give them away! Remnants still have the stunning beauty of our full-sized slabs, and there are lots of possibilities!

G8551_11.) Tables

Using a remnant to make a small table is a great way of adding a granite surface to your home without having to spring for full countertops. The stone is still as strong as ever, and can make a beautiful stand for your entry way, coffee table, end tabletop. We also love making little matching shelves for wall mounting out of the remnant’s remnant!

2.) Cutting Boards

Need a beautiful Christmas gift or wedding present? How about a granite cutting board! Gorgeous and easy to clean, plus harder than any blade, it would make a wonderful addition to any household. Come choose a remnant!

patio3.) Patios

You can also use multiple kinds and colors of stone remnants to create an outdoor patio or walkway. Have your remnants either cut into regular smaller pieces for precise masonry, or you can just use them broken with mortar in a mosaic shape. You can also use granite scraps to create a floor indoors!

4.) Fireplace Hearth

If you want to design a unique and beautiful hearth, use our remnants! You can either cut your fireplace from one larger remnant, or combine multiple with mortar to create a beautiful stone pattern. We also love using this same technique on outdoor fire pits. Granite can withstand the fire from heat so well that its pattern will never be diminished by flames.

If you love the look of natural stone but you either don’t need new countertops or they’re out of your price range, try doing something creative with a remnant! We’d love to show you our store of hundreds in either our Seattle or Kent locations. Come in and see what you can imagine!

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