The Vessel Sink

The vessel sink is one of the quickest, surest ways to create a bathroom design people will remember and admire. Using contrasting but complimentary materials for the basin and counter allows you to not only show off the gorgeous granite or marble you’ve chosen, but the other material as well. Mixing and matching a granite counter or basin with copper, wood, porcelain, etc., highlights the beauty of each.

Many people tend to feel that vessel sinks give a modernist look to their bathroom—an interesting impression, when you consider that this style is inspired by the original incarnation of the sink, which was just a bowl and a jug of water. Natural stones like marble and granite tap into that ancient evocation, while also looking clean, contemporary, and even startling. Visitors will be impressed by the innovation of the design, and you’ll love the long-lasting durability and everyday beauty a vessel sink with granite or marble adds to your home.

Here are a few examples of vessel sinks we’ve done: