The Run-Down on Sinks: Drop-In or Undermount?

Granite and Marble Specialties isn’t just a natural stone retailer—we also offer cabinetry and sinks! Homeowners have two primary options for sink styles: undermount and drop-in. All of the sinks that we carry in-house are undermount, and that is generally what we recommend for granite or marble countertops.

An undermount sink is installed beneath the granite countertop, usually by glueing the lips of the sink basin to the bottom of the countertop and otherwise strapping or supporting it. A drop-in sink, conversely, is set down into the countertop with its rim over the edge of the granite. With both, you need to be careful to prevent moisture or grime build-up inside the seam. Each style has its own unique advantages, which you should consider when choosing a style.

Undermount Pros:

  • Maintains the continuous flow of the granite for a kind of “infinity pool” effect
  • Modern, clean feel
  • Weight of sink easily supported by strong materials like granite or marble
  • Maximum ease of cleaning counters and keeping surface germ-free
  • Usually provides for a deeper basin
  • Better resale value for your home

Drop-In Pros:

  • Granite rim is not exposed to chipping
  • Can accommodate vintage, specialty, or heirloom sinks
  • Generally less expensive than undercount sinks
  • Faucets do not need to be cut into the countertop or wall
  • Does not require professional installation

Bear in mind that when you get new granite countertops, part of the installation is cutting you a hole for your sink basin. Though it can be difficult to retro-fit a countertop with an undermount sink because it needs to be exactly the right size, it’s much easier to do when you install both parts simultaneously.

As for sink material, the industry standard for an undermount sink is stainless steel, made popular because of its low price point and because it’s easy to clean, sterilize, or polish. Stainless steel is also widely available in a dual-basin model. We also offer BLANCO-line composite-stone sinks made from 80 percent granite that, though more expensive, will retain the impression of a kitchen or bathroom hewn from natural materials while coming in a variety of colors and designs.

To discuss your sink options or take a look at the many sinks we offer at Granite and Marble Specialities, stop by our 30,000 square foot Kent showroom and warehouse!