Summer is the Best Time to Remodel

If you’ve been dreaming of a kitchen remodel, now’s the time! Summer is the best time for replacing appliances, installing new countertops, redoing your floor or backsplash, installing new cabinets, and every facet of remodeling a kitchen to better suite your family’s needs. If you’re not sure if should start now or wait a little longer, here are ten reasons to do your kitchen remodel during the summertime!

1.) Longer Days—It’s easier to get work done during daylight hours, and the longer those daylight hours are the fewer days your remodel will take.

2.) Open House—Because the weather is nice, you can keep your windows or doors open without worrying about letting out expensive heat or getting rain or snow indoors. This means you can air out any chemical smells from paint or epoxy.

3.) Free Time—Many of us find our schedules loosen up a little in the summertime, especially if you have kids, whose busy school year schedules are no longer a factor. More free time means it’s easy to coordinate with contractors, get materials, and make plans.

4.) Grilling—If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you might not be able to cook anything during the remodel. Luckily, summertime is perfect for grilling, and you’ll be able to serve up healthy home-cooked meals from your backyard or patio.

5.) Cool Down—Similarly, during the summertime it’s often too hot to cook anyway, and you probably won’t miss using your oven or stove when it just turns the house into a furnace. Your family might welcome a week of cold dinners.

6.) Vacations—If you’re planning a remodel, why not schedule it during your summer vacation? Choose a contractor you know and trust, and let them handle the work while you’re away. You’ll come back to your dream kitchen after your summer getaway and never have to deal with the construction war zone of plastic draping, plaster dust, wet paint, etc.

7.) Dry Time—The job will go faster in the summer because the sun and heat will speed up the drying time of any paint, epoxy, finish, or sealant.

8.) Being a Good Neighbor—If you have neighbors close-by and you’re planning a project that could be noisy or disruptive, you might find that the neighborhood is a little more forgiving during the summer. The streets are buzzing with activity—kids playing outdoors and shrieking in the sprinkler, lawnmowers running, other construction projects everywhere—and your project won’t be disturbing the quiet peace of a winter night, but contributing to the lively summer atmosphere.

9.) Better Light—Many remodeling projects are very detail-oriented and require a careful eye. Not only will your installers or contractors be able to see what they’re doing in natural light, but you’ll be better able to tell if the colors, texture, and general quality of work are what you were hoping for.

10.) Ready for Family—Getting your remodel done before the holidays will not only save you stress through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, but you might have something to show off to any visiting relatives!

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