SAVE 50 % to 75 %

How do we end up with a single slab? Each container of slabs comes with 6 bundles and each bundle has 6 to 7 slabs. These 6 to 7 slabs are cut out from the same rock in the quarry which are cut one cut apart from one another, this gives these slabs in one bundle the same color and natural pattern. Sometimes when we use a bundle of slabs for a few jobs we have a left over slab. Usually the left over slab will not match the pattern or color cut out from a different area of the rock quarry. This is how these single slabs make it to this sale. If your kitchen, bathroom or bar countertop project is 40 square foot or less you can save up to 75% on these single slabs. Package includes:

FREE Sealant Application ($149 Value)

Select From 10 Different Stone Types

Top Mount Sink Cutout

Select From 4 Different Edge Profiles

Complementary faucet hole drilling

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