Secret Perk of Natural Stone: Houseplant Friendly!

What could possibly add more beauty to your home than a gorgeous new countertops? Try houseplants! Lush houseplants bring the outdoors inside and instantly improve and relax the environment, and they’re especially striking in homes that employ lots of other natural materials. Of course, plants can stain or warp many surfaces, especially wood. Luckily, there is a beautiful, all-natural surface that’s impervious to the wear and tear of household plants: natural stone! Granite, quartz, and marble can all withstand the damage that comes with houseplants, allowing you to total freedom to bring the flowers and greenery indoors!

We’ve pulled a few pictures from around the web that we feel illustrate the possibilities for houseplants when you have natural stone countertops!

Romantic Gestures

Nothing can brighten up a room (or someone’s day) quite like a beautiful bouquet. The smell will fill the room, the colors will pop, and every time that special someone sees their blossoms they’ll smile. But if you’re sick of ringed watermarks on your wooden surface from the vase, or wish you could easily brush away the fallen petals or leaves, try putting your flowers on stone!


Kitchen Greenery

Nothing beats an herb garden right inside your kitchen! You can spice up any meal with ease, not to mention that the wonderful aromas that will fill the room. If you’re worried about a heavy base scratching your countertops or leaking, however, you should choose a practically-unscratchable surface like granite!


All Over House Plants

Of course, don’t limit your houseplant to the kitchen! Bathrooms are a great place to keep houseplants, not only because they help mask smells and recycle the air in the room, but they also help create an attractive, relaxed environment for a place probably every guest you have will wind up visiting! Bathroom countertops endure a lot of wear and tear and water damage from both the sink or any plants sitting upon it, so choose a surface that can stand up to anything!


If you love the sight and smell of houseplants, consider natural stone surfaces! Come into Granite Marble Specialties, where we’ll help you find the perfect countertops for your needs.

Photos by Oaktreelife, HGTV, Makingthemovie, Javacto