Sammamish WA Granite Countertops

The art of a kitchen remodel is seeing the possibilities and making the most of what a space has to offer. In the case of this granite countertop Sammamish home project, we were able to make the kitchen look and feel larger and more open with the installation of this beautiful granite countertop in Alpine White.

Average kitchen sizes begin at about 55 square feet, making this Sammamish granite countertop kitchen on the smaller side at only 29 square feet. Granite & Marble Specialties worked with the homeowner to select and install a granite countertop that improves the functionality of the kitchen and makes it seem more expansive. Because granite is such an exceptionally strong material, one can install overhangs of up to 12” without requiring any kind of bracing or support that not only adds labor and expense to a project but can ruin the chic, modern appearance of the ledge. The deep overhang on this counter expanded the usable space in the kitchen and makes it seem larger. We also recommended an under-mount sink with a single bowl to further increase the real estate and impact of the countertop.

We also recommended the Alpine White Granite because light stone makes a room feel bigger. Dark granite countertops can look impressive and austere, but in a small kitchen they can seem claustrophobic. The Alpine White reflects the light back into the room, making it feel open and airy, and the contrast with their dark cabinetry creates a contemporary dissonance that keeps this kitchen interesting.

We import Alpine White from Brazil. Thick gunmetal gray veins that vary in intensity throughout the slab beautifully texture this exotic granite, and the flecks of quartz in the stone’s composition contribute to its luminosity. We love how this wide, sweeping countertop shows off the natural variation in the stone, evoking images of snowy mountain peaks as seen from the sky. White granite kitchen countertops are very popular right now as they offer all the brightness and light of marble but with much greater resistance to stains or damage.

What we like

This job was a kind of personal victory for us at Granite & Marble Specialties. This home is owned by a young Sammamish couple, and though they were both wonderful to work with, the wife was hesitant at first to hire a stone manufacturer because she had worked in the industry herself in the past and remembered the granite manufacturers she’d worked with constantly making mistakes and botching projects in some way. Creating and installing a beautiful countertop from a granite slab is a complicated process that requires careful craftsmanship, and she was worried that we would make the same errors she’d seen so many times. We’re happy to report that this project went smoothly. Both the wife and the husband are thrilled with the results!