Restore or Repair Your Stone Countertops to Like-New Condition

At Granite Marble Specialties, we don’t just install new countertops, we can also help restore, clean, seal or refinish your existing countertops. Granite is made to last, and we’re always happy to help restore existing granite before replacing it. Someone once carefully chose, cut, and fabricated that piece of stone, and the last thing we want is for that granite or marble to wind up in a landfill.

Cleaning and Sealing

Though granite is easy to clean and seal yourself, some people either do not have the time to take care of it or they would simply prefer have a professional handle it. We are happy to help!

We are the industry experts in granite or marble, and we will not only use the best possible techniques for cleaning and sealing, but will be able to gauge exactly how often and with what products you should seal your countertops. We are also happy to come in and do it once with you so you can learn the techniques and seal or clean on your own in the future.

 sealing granite

Damage Repair

We can also help you repair any imperfections, chips, cracks, or other damage to your stone. Unlike sealing or cleaning, restoring granite usually requires professional knowledge, skills, and equipment, especially if you don’t want to accidentally make the situation worse.

One of the reasons you need to seek professional help for serious chips or cracks is that you need to be able to perfectly match the color of the granite and the epoxy fill. Large flaws won’t look right with a clear filler, but they’ll look even worse if you use something in the wrong color. We can match the epoxy to your stone and make the repair as close to invisible as possible.

And if the cause of your damage is uncertain, we will also be able to asses why your granite chipped or crack. Stone countertops are incredibly strong and resilient, and shouldn’t easily sustain any damage. If they have, there might be an underlying cause. For example, there could be a fault the granite fabricator either didn’t notice or chose to ignore, or perhaps your countertop was installed in an uneven or unsupported way that caused stress and damage. It might have been damaged during transportation to your home, and you just hadn’t noticed until now. Whatever the cause, we can help you find and address it to prevent future damage.


This is the most challenging granite upkeep task of all, and should be done by professionals 100 percent of the time. Refinishing is basically sanding and polishing the surface of your granite countertop. You can refinish to treat scratches or dull spots or something marring the appearance of your countertops, but if you’ve just had a large crack or chip repaired, you will have to also refinish because the epoxy will leave a dull looking area and you’ll need to polish around the crack to blend it in with the surface.

If you feel like your granite or marble countertops are in need or maintenance, repair, or just a little TLC, contact us at Granite Marble Specialties! We’d love to take a look.

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