Remnant FAQ

[accordian][toggle title=”Can you purchase a remnant without fabrication or installation?”]Certainly. However, Granite & Marble Specialties has a 25 year warranty on our installation service, and being the #1 rated stone fabricator in Washington State, we guarantee you will not regret choosing us to help complete your project.[/toggle][toggle title=”Do you fabricate and install remnants?” open=”no”]Do you Fabricate and Install countertops? Absolutely. We offer both fabrication only and fabrication and installation options for remnants.[/toggle][toggle title=”What can remnants be used for?”]Are Remnants only used for Vanity tops? Although remnants are commonly used for vanity countertops, you can ultimately use remnants for any small project. Some examples include, fireplace hearths, wall caps, window sills, shower thresholds, etc.[/toggle][toggle title=”What is the best way to get an estimate?”]How do I get an estimate? Because we’ve added a list of our remnants to our website, you can simply email us with the name and inventory number of the remnant you like, including the dimensions of the piece you’re wanting us to fabricate for you. You can also stop by our Kent location to pick your remnant and we can give you an estimate at that time (this is the preferred method).[/toggle][toggle title=”Is there a cost saving advantage to purchasing remnants?”]How much do I save by buying a Remnant? Absolutely. Customers with smaller projects (35 SF and below) can generally get away with finding a remnant as opposed to having to purchase a full slab.![/toggle][toggle title=”How are remnants priced?”]How does the pricing group work? All remnants are priced per square foot of the actual remnant size and are segregated by color coated price groups, Green, Blue & Red; Green being the least expensive and Red being the most.[/toggle][toggle title=”Are Granite & Marble Specialties remnants available to see in person?”]Could I see and inspect the Remnants in person? Absolutely. We highly recommend you coming to our 30,000 SF Kent showroom to personally select your remnant. Our showroom hours are Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm.[/toggle][toggle title=”What is the best way to find granite, marble or quartz remnants?” open=”no”]How do I search for a Remnant?Granite & Marble Specialties has made finding remnants quick and painless. Simply go to, click on Services, then click on Remnants. This will bring up a list of all of our current available granite, marble quartz and other stone remnants. Once you find a remnant you like, make note of the name and inventory number (ex. Glacier White MSI Quartz – A0252) then call us for pricing.[/toggle][/accordian]

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