Our Remnants

If you have a project requiring a smaller piece of stone, you can save big money by checking out our natural stone remnant collection. Whenever we create custom countertops for a home, we cut away the unneeded areas of the slab, producing smaller pieces of stone that are often more than large enough to be repurposed for a smaller project. Remnants typically cost a fraction of the price, yet offer the same beautiful material that’s chosen for some of the finest luxury kitchens in Seattle.

There are many projects that are well-suited to stone remnants. Many of our remnants are large enough to be used in the creation of smaller countertops, while the smallest pieces can make great cutting boards that are more beautiful and easier to keep clean and sterile than wood blocks. Remnants can be used to create beautiful accent pieces in your home such as tables or fireplace hearths. You can also use multiple remnants in a mosaic for flooring or an outdoor patio or walkway!

It’s true that by choosing to work with remnants, you can only choose from among the pieces we have in our warehouse from previous projects, but the selection is still quite vast. We have hundreds of granite, marble, and quartz remnants here to choose from. You can browse our website for examples, or just come to our showroom to see for yourself. We are happy to provide prices for our listed pieces over email if you send us an inquiry!

Remnants are an affordable way to add the sumptuous look of natural stone to your home, and if you have a small project in mind, check out our options!