Let Us Clean, Seal, and Restore Your Granite!

The holidays often make people realize the limitations or disrepair of their kitchens. Friends and family are visiting, everyone is cooking up a storm, and your countertops are front and center—are your guests going to be impressed with your gleaming natural stone surfaces, or are they looking a little underwhelming?


Though granite, marble, and quartz countertops are relatively low-maintenance, they do require a little upkeep. If you’re too busy to seal your granite surfaces yourself, give us a call! We’re happy to clean and seal your countertops either on an as-needed basis or for a standing appointment!

We can help you understand not only how often your countertops need to be sealed, but we can direct you toward the products that will be best for protecting them. If you’ve never sealed your granite before, we can make a house call, take a look, and evaluate how porous your stone is and what kind of sealing schedule is right for it. Even if you didn’t buy your countertops from us, our maintenance services are the best in the region, and we’re happy to help anyone care for their countertops!

What’s Included?

Our restoration and maintenance special isn’t just sealing—we’ll also thoroughly and professionally clean your stone surfaces. This is a crucial step because if your countertop isn’t deeply cleaned before you seal the sealant will not work as well and you risk creating a cloudy appearance. We’ll also remove the old sealant (usually either caulking or silicone) where your backsplash meets your granite. We will replace it with a 100% silicone filler which will last a long time, cause no discoloration, and protect the joint from all moisture.

Repair Services

Do you have chips, stains, or cracks in your countertops? Granite Marble Specialties has an experienced and artful repair team.  Don’t wait on fixing any damage to your granite, as you only risk the damage getting worse. Call us today about reworking your slab!