Kirkland WA Granite Countertops

The granite countertops are the centerpiece of this Kirkland granite countertop kitchen remodel. We used Delicato granite from Brazil—sometimes known also as Alaska White, depending on the quarry—which is a warm, luminescent white stone flecked with a natural array of rusts, creams, and browns. Delicato almost resembles marble in its shine but offers all the strength and heat resistance of granite. You can see from the pictures how the natural variation in the pattern adds interest to the whole kitchen. We cut the island countertop with a curved radius, adding usable space and making the craftsman granite look even more impressive.

We also did the tile backsplash of this Kirkland kitchen remodel with eggshell subway tiles, which are an extremely popular backsplash style that look classic and clean. One of the reasons subway tiles are such a popular choice for backsplashes is that the grouting between the tiles becomes part of the design; when paired with the dark brown stripe border between the tiles, the colors in the backsplash perfectly compliment and match those in the granite countertops.

Finally, we chose a sink from the premier quality sink manufacturers, Blanco, a German company that was the first to introduce the stainless steel sink and also pioneer composite granite sinks such as this. Blanco sinks have a lifetime warranty, and are widely known in the remodeling industry as the absolute best. Combined with the burnished bronze faucet, the colors of this sink set-up not only compliment the granite, but look gorgeous, timeless, and regal.

What we like

We designed this kitchen with an older couple, and suggested that they install an expandable faucet arm above the stove for filling pots at the source, rather than carrying water to and from the sink. The couple was thrilled with the suggestion, and they love both the way the faucet addition creates a visual focal point and the convenience it offers them while cooking.