Issaquah WA Granite Countertops

This drab, un-extraordinary kitchen was completely transformed by its remodel, yet if you look closely at these pictures, this Issaquah family only made a few changes. The cabinetry, appliances, and layout are all the same, yet the kitchen got a total makeover with the installation of new granite countertops, a wood floor, and a little bit of hardware.

One of the best remodeling tricks for refreshing old cabinetry is adding or changing the knobs and pulls. This Issaquah kitchen hadn’t previously had any hardware on their drawers or cupboards, and though they may have originally intended this to look sleek, it wound up looking dull. These stainless steel knobs and pulls add eye-catching accents to an otherwise plain kitchen, not to mention they compliment the new stainless steel faucet, sink, and stove burners for a much more contemporary look.

The granite this family chose for their countertop looks especially stunning against these new stainless steel accents. The names of different types of granite can be confusing in an industry where multiple quarries will name the same stone from the same mountain differently, but this granite is usually known as either Silver Sparkle or Caledonia. The starkly contrasted flecks of gray, black, white, and water-like shades of greens and blues make for a reflective, dancing pattern. Furthermore, the speckles of this particular granite make it an excellent choice for long countertops such as these because the pattern disguises the seam.

The pattern also gives the backsplash a consistent, unbroken look. We get a lot of questions about whether homeowners should choose a 4 to 6 inch backsplash in granite, such as we see on this Issaquah granite countertop, or a full tiled mosaic backsplash. Honestly, the choice is completely your own, and our clients choose either style with almost equal frequency.

Some considerations for your backsplash might include your budget; a 4-6 inch granite backsplash will be about 75 percent the cost of full tile, and furthermore it can be done on the same day that your countertops are installed. Tiling is more expensive and takes longer. Finally, you can see that this Issaquah kitchen had previously had a 4” wooden backsplash; we were able to apply the granite backsplash over the areas that had been damaged without spending time or money to repair the wall.

What we like

As you can see in the picture, we also applied a piece of the same granite from the countertop to create a windowsill that compliments the countertops and expands the usable area of the sill. The woman who owns this Issaquah home was very pleased with the results and told us to be sure to, “Thank Octavio for recommending it!” Creating a sill like this is a very minor additional expense for what might become one of your favorite parts of your new kitchen!