How to Seal Granite Countertops: Instructional Video

We have a fantastic series of informational videos on granite countertops, and last month we debuted our latest installment: how to seal your granite! We encourage you to check out the video below, but we’ve also transcribed its basic points here.

Our customers have come to us with many questions and hesitations regarding the process of sealing their granite countertops, such as:

  1. How Often Should I Seal?
  2. What is the Cost of the Sealer?
  3. How Long Will the Sealer Last?
  4. Do I Need a Professional?

We promise you that sealing your granite is actually a much easier and more straight-forward process than you might think!

How Often

This depends on the type or “color” of your stone. The lighter the stone, the more often you have to seal. Conversely, the darker the stone, the less often. This is because lighter stones tend to have larger pore sizes, which absorb moisture and stains more easily. A light stone might need to be sealed every 6-12 months, while a dark, tight-pored stone might need to be sealed every 1-2 years.

Darker Stone: Less Sealing
Darker Stone: Less Sealing
Lighter Stone: More Sealing
Lighter Stone: More Sealing

How to Tell

Here’s a helpful, easy test to determine if your granite needs sealing or resealing:

Drop a small amount of water onto your counter. If the water droplet spreads out along the surface and quickly leaves a dark mark, it needs to be sealed; if it holds a round edge and is visibly sitting atop the granite, you don’t need to seal. Here’s a still from the video that demonstrates the difference:

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.06.13 PM

How to Seal

First of all, you can buy granite sealant at any local hardware store (such as Lowes, Home Depot, etc), where they have dozens of options, usually under $20! Here are a few reviews of granite sealers to peruse. You can also easily order your sealant online—getting the sealant is neither expensive nor difficult, and it’s just as easy to apply!

For larger areas, focus on 2’x2’ sections of granite to ensure you cover the entire surface. Spray the countertop liberally with the sealant and then use the back of a fresh rag to distribute the sealant evenly across the surface. Don’t mop it up, just make sure the layer is even and covering all the granite.

After 15 minutes, take either a dry terrycloth towel or even a paper towel and wipe the counter using a circular buffing motion. If your stone is darker and you see a light haze on the countertop, don’t be alarmed—just spray a little more on, wait 5 minutes, and buff it away again.

After Sealing

Wait half an hour before setting anything on your countertop, and wait 48 hours before cleaning your counter with soap, water, or disinfectant. After that 48 hours is up, use your countertop as you always have!

As we always say, granite is pretty much invincible, and you shouldn’t be worried about ruining or damaging your countertop by sealing. If you’d rather have a professional come in and handle it, we are of course happy to treat your granite for a nominal fee on a yearly basis, but we also guarantee that any homeowner whose lifestyle permits can easily learn to seal their countertops effectively!

Check out the video below, or come into one of our show rooms to learn even more!