A Guide to the Different Types of Marble

Within  the United States, there are at least 100 different varieties of marble quarried.  There is a wide range of marble with varying appearances offering  different aesthetic effects. It is important to understand what makes each type unique to find the right type of marble you are looking for.  Continue reading to learn more about different kinds of marble.

Regional Names

Commonly, marble is named after the quarry from where the marble came.  Calacatta marble hails from the Calacatta quarry in Italy.  The states of New Mexico, Tennessee, Alabama, Vermont and Georgia have some of the most important quarries in the United States. A large portion of the world’s marble comes from quarries in Italy,  Brazil, Canada, Germany and India.

A Range of Color Possibilities

As marble is created through a natural process over millions of years, each slab is unique. Marble can be found in a variety of colors and constellations.  White, grey, black, pink, yellow, red and beige are commonly seen in different variations of marble.

Unique Veins

After beginning the search for the exact variety of marble,  you may start to notice different colored veins that change the look of a marble slab. The way that the veins are colored and distributed alters the aesthetic effect of the stone. While shopping, talk to the staff about the marble slabs which draw your attention.  This way, the salesperson can determine what kind of veining you prefer and point you in the direction of a slab that meets your criteria.

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