Granite vs. Marble: How Do They Compare?

Marble and granite, both exquisite in appearance, are 100% naturally occurring stone and either will look spectacular in your home design. However, there are differences between the two that we will discuss, enabling you to ultimately choose the material that is right for your specific goal. 

Granite Features

Granite is a natural stone of superior quality and beauty; adding elegance and luster to your home. It is formed at the earth’s surface from unique mineral compositions, giving each slab its own character and appeal. Granite is hard and very durable; but it is porous and needs to be sealed properly to prevent damage. It is a perfect material for your kitchen counter tops. 

Marble Features

Marble on the other hand, has a very different appearance than Granite. It is formed from re-calcified limestone (calcium carbonate) at the earth’s surface, making it softer, more porous and less durable than granite. Yet marble still maintains distinct beauty.  The base color of marble depends on the level of impurities present. Slabs that have fewer impurities will be grayish white with darker veins throughout.

One with a fair amount of impurities will be more of a pale green, pink, yellow, bluish, or black. Marble can stain easily, and will irreversibly dull over time. It is also not scratch resistant, unlike its counterpart. Softer and more porous than granite, marble should be sealed about twice a year. 

Due to its structure and mold-ability, marble is easier to shape and carve. However, it should be placed in lower traffic areas. It is a wonderful addition to bathrooms, walls, fireplaces, and floors. But as for kitchen countertops, which tend to have higher traffic, granite is the more appropriate and beneficial option. 

Both granite and marble are lower maintenance than other materials. After sealing, a gentle biodegradable soap and water is all you need most times. Both are approximately the same cost and come in a variety of color choices. 

Whether you choose granite or marble for your home you will be getting an excellent product with a beautiful look making your home appealing and inviting.