Granite is Timeless

Something we hear a lot of people talking about is whether or not granite is “just a trend.” It’s true that the popularity of granite countertops has been extremely high for the last ten years, but that has a lot to do with the increased availability of high-quality imported granite (which went up because of popular demand!). The reason granite is so ubiquitous is that it’s truly the best thing out there for a kitchen countertop or island. Nothing is harder, stronger, easier to keep clean and sterile, more naturally beautiful, or more likely to add instant value to your home.

Forever Equity

Cappuccino QuartziteWe work with many people trying to improve their homes for resale, so we’re intimately acquainted with what’s in demand by prospective buyers. Just like in all those episodes of HGTV’s house hunters, people will walk away from a home simply for lack of granite countertops. We also know what homeowners are looking for, and we can tell you right now: the demand for natural stone is higher than ever. If you want to invest money in your home but you’re afraid of installing something that will be outdated in a few years, go for granite.

There’s No One Kind Granite

It’s kind of ridiculous to ask if granite is passé or if the granite “craze” is “over” when there are so many kinds of granite. The possibilities for a granite countertop are virtually endless when you consider the wide array of colors, textures, patterns, and stone origin (take a look at our online Stone Gallery for example!), and when you add that to the different styles of edge profile available you’ll see that you can accomplish a huge array of looks. You can have a kitchen that’s modern, gothic, Victorian, contemporary, or anything else you can imagine! Rather than being limiting, the strength and variety of granite open up a world of possibilities for your kitchen like no other material.

Granite Is Ancient

When people ask themselves if granite is just a trend, maybe they should look a little farther back than just the last fifty or even a hundred years. From Machu Picchu to the ornate spires of Marishcal in Scotland to the figures of the Mahabalipuram temple in South India, granite has certainly stood the test of time. Having granite in your own home is participating in a tradition of fine architecture that goes back thousands of years.

One way to determine if something is a “trend” is whether or not it looks dated after a few years. For example, huge bellbottoms may have been in fashion once, but not anymore. But you know what you could have worn with bellbottoms in 1970, a pair of skinny jeans in 2015, or even out West when Seattle was first being settled? A leather jacket. Granite is like the leather jacket of building material—always in style.

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