Etch Your Granite!

Granite is beautiful on its own—but this captivating natural material can become absolutely stunning with etching. Whether you are hoping to inscribe a corporate logo or create a dazzling wall of picture and pattern, our etching artists can help you achieve exactly the image or design or your dreams. We have over 1,000 kinds of stone that work well with etching, and the only limit on the possibilities is your imagination. Here are a few different ways (with examples of our work!) that you can use etching to enhance your home.

1.) You can use etching to create a kind of wallpaper design that will never peel, flake, fade, or stain.

verde_tunas_1 farfalla_blue_1 volga_blue_2

2.) You can use etching to create a theme for a room that no one will ever forget.



3.) You can create permanent pieces of art or portraiture built directly into the surface of your wall.




4.) You can add entrancing geometric pictures and patterns that will be a conversation piece and an of endless attention.