Congratulations! You have made a significant investment in your home by purchasing natural stone lasting a lifetime. As marble and granite are porous natural rock, the stone requires proper care and maintenance to help your counters continue looking fabulous The use of a sealer will help prevent staining in most situations.

Even a properly sealed surface can stain if left in contact with a staining agent for an extended period of time. Therefore, all spills should be wiped up as soon as possible, and napkins or coasters should be set when serving beverages or food on a stone bar, table, or countertop. Soft drinks, coffee, tea, and fruit juices contain mild acids which can etch the polished surface of a stone and stain rather quickly. Stains should be cleaned off immediately lukewarm water and mild soap.  If left unsealed, everyday spills can easily penetrate the surface. The liquid may eventually evaporate but a stain is left behind.

When your counters are installed, we will apply a complementary coat of industrial grade sealer.  However,  we also recommend that you apply another coat of sealer 24 hours after your counters are installed.

Applying the sealer

  • Clear all objects off your countertops and clean your surface thoroughly.
  • Pour sealer content into a clean spray bottle. Spray sealer across entire surface; spreading the sealer evenly using a small clean paintbrush.
  • Let the sealer sit for 30 minutes. If any dry spots appear, apply more sealer to dry area. The counters need to be evenly soaked with sealer for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, remove all excess sealer with paper towel or clean dry cloth. If the sealer dries and leaves a film, just re-apply the sealer and wipe the surface clean.

For lighter stones, particularly marble, repeat the sealing process 3 times in one 12 hour period.

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