The Benefits of Choosing Granite Countertops For Your Home

As building construction has evolved over the last century and the extraction and movement of the natural stone has become easier, granite has emerged as a popular home countertop material.


Granite has a natural beauty that cannot be replicated by man. Granite is formed over millions of years from the cohesion of magma combined with varied minerals. Granite is just one of several types of attractive stone, but it has definately developed a reputation for having a highly alluring appeal.


Granite is one of the most bountiful materials found in the earth’s continental crust. An sizable uptick in the demand for granite over the past three decades has been matched by a boost in supply making granite much more affordable than the stone was 30 years ago. In comparison with marble and a handful of other stone types, granite is also a cost-effective countertop option.


The lack of repair needed on many breathtaking structures created with granite and exposed to the elements for thousands of years is a testament to the stone’s amazing durability. Polished and sealed, granite slabs used in a home kitchen or bathroom are not exposed to the harsh elements of nature. In addition to being impenetrably hard and heat resistant, modern granite countertops are unscratchable and fairly stain resistant.


Caring for granite countertops quite easy. A daily wipe-down with a mild soap solution may take a couple minutes of your time, but aside from an annual application of sealant, a wipe down is all that’s necessary to keep your granite countertops looking gorgeous and new.

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