Add Stacked Stone Veneers to your Walls for the Ultimate Pacific Northwest Vibe

At Granite and Marble Specialties, we offer a lot more than just countertops, and a lot more than just granite and marble! We are your one-stop shop for home remodeling services, and offer a selection of sinks and faucets, custom and -pre-fab cabinetry, etching, tile, and stacked stone veneers!

Stacked stone is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create add instant rustic charm to your home and bring the feeling of expensive, painstaking stone construction without the price tag.

What is Stacked Stone?

Stacked stone—also often called “stone veneers”—is a kind of decorative surface texture that covers an exterior or interior wall with a thin layer of real stone that is meant to replicate the look of a wall built from stacked stone or laid slabs. We use real stone, which means that it’s much more durable and long-lasting than manufactured stone, but still light-weight enough that it can be mounted on most walls easily and doesn’t require additional support structure.

We offer many different styles and colors of this stacked stone, and guarantee that you can achieve whatever look you have in mind—dark, modern, clean, edgy or traditional. It looks especially good in Pacific Northwest, cabin-style homes, mid-century moderns, and contemporary minimalist rooms. Take a look at our Stacked Stone Visualizer to get an idea for all the possibilities! Here are a few images that demonstrate the range of options:

Our veneers are a real product of nature and much longer-lasting and more beautiful than the manufactured options. You can use them either indoors or outdoors. They’re an especially good addition for fireplaces, bathrooms, or dividing accent walls inside, or they can be used in landscaping, around pools or water features, or on the outside of buildings. The stone adds warmth and texture wherever you install it.

One of the best things about stacked stone is that you can usually install it yourself. It’s a great entrance-project to the DIY home improvement world. Of course, we’re also happy to come to your home and install it ourselves if you’d prefer. We only work with the highest quality distributors, and have the veneers available at our showroom for you to investigate first-hand. If you want a quick upgrade that bring an instant distinction to your home, choose a stacked stone veneer!