A Comparison Between Granite vs. Quartz Countertops

Granite and Quartz, both hard and durable surfaces, bring luster and elegance to your home. Both are very popular choices and of superior quality. While similar they have their unique differences. It is important to explore those differences to make the best choice that fits into your own design style and your everyday life. 

Granite – 100% Natural

Granite is 100% natural stone made from compressed molten rock beneath the earths surface. It is composed of a unique mineral composition giving it its luminous appearance.  While its beauty and elegance brings character and durability to your home, it is not without its downfalls. Granite is more porous and needs to be sealed periodically to prevent staining and everyday wear and tear.

Each piece of granite also has its own custom appearance, adding allure to your home. However this presents a challenge with seaming, even well hidden seams, while not obvious, can be visible. Even with these small flaws, granite is of unparalleled design and of remarkable quality that has been used in homes for centuries.

Quartz – Engineered, 90-93% Natural

Quartz has been around for about fifty years and is an excellent alternative for those who would prefer a high quality material with exceptional beauty that is comparable to granite but with slightly lower maintenance. Quartz is an engineered material consisting of 90-93% natural stone and industrial remnants, including glass, marble, and Quartz.

The other 7-10% is synthetic polymers and resins binding the various substances together under extremely high heat. This process creates a product with more consistent patterns that is both appealing and exquisite. It comes in a variety of colors and creates a seamless finish. Quartz has no need to be sealed but, because of the polymers and resins used, it is not quite as hard and durable as granite. 

Major Differences Between Quartz and Granite

Quartz can be a little more costly than granite. Prices usually average around $60 – $100 per sq ft. While Granite averages around $55 – $85 per sq ft. Both are ideal choices to grace your home. 

When deciding between the two, you should consider three important things: 

  1. Which is most asteticly appealing to you?
  2. Which one highlights your individual style?
  3. Which one best fits your budget and lifestyle? 

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