A Brief Guide to Choosing a Granite Countertop Color

Choosing the color of stone is a big decision when updating or remodeling your kitchen. At Granite & Marble Specialties, we have over hundreds of variations of granite, marble, and quartz in various colors, textures, and patterns. With all of those choices, it can be hard to tell which would go best with the rest of your kitchen. Here’s a brief, non-scientific guide to choosing the best natural stone countertop for your home, your style, and your personality that you’ll love for years to come.

Focus on Impression Rather than Decoration


You probably have a pretty clear picture in your mind about how your kitchen will look as a finished product, but when working with natural stone, you should think of the process more like selecting a flower rather than a vase. It’s a natural substance, not an artificial one – those things come later after you’ve made your countertop the centerpiece of your kitchen. 

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone


Again, you may think you’re inclined toward solid colors or uniform textures, but until you get in front of a lot of different stones and see them for yourself, you may be surprised at what strikes you. It’s important to embrace that, because guests and visitors will have the same reaction to a stunning piece as you did at the outset.

Embrace Your Instincts

It’s your kitchen, so you can’t be wrong. Clichés aren’t wrong if you feel drawn to a particular piece of granite or marble, so don’t be afraid to choose something you’ve seen before dozens of times. A natural stone is a complex thing that’s been developing for millions of years – take comfort in that fact and you can’t go wrong.

To browse our gallery and see a few of the choices you have for renovating your kitchen countertops, click here or see our previous finished projects. When you’re ready to see some for yourself, come by Granite & Marble Specialties or use the contact form to get in touch.