5 Reasons to Get New Granite Countertops by Thanksgiving!

turkey-218742_1280Are you hoping to debut a beautiful new kitchen this holiday season? There’s still time!

Thanksgiving is usually when people start realizing the limitations of their kitchen—they’re suddenly cooking for a house full of family, and wishing they had a better space to work with. Maybe the in-laws or relatives haven’t been over in a while, and you’d like to surprise and impress them with a beautiful kitchen. New granite countertops are both better functionally and aesthetically, and there is still plenty of time to choose your personal slab and get a gorgeous custom installation before you even buy a single ingredient!

How Does Granite Improve Your Thanksgiving?

1.) Less Mess

One of the best things about granite is that it’s one of the easiest surfaces in the world to clean, wipe, or disinfect. We guarantee that your new granite countertop will be properly sealed—if sealing is even necessary—when we install it in your home, meaning that it will be impervious to stains (like all that Thanksgiving wine!). The smooth surface of granite also means it’s easy to wipe off for quickly clearing the counter as you cook.

2.) More Spacebread-725874_1920

Even if your new countertops are basically the same dimensions as your previous countertops, it will feel like you have more space because with granite, everything becomes a cutting board. Rather than setting up a few cutting boards along your countertops, all your kitchen surfaces are transformed into places for chopping vegetables, preparing turkey, setting pies out, and kneading bread!

3.) A Place for Pans

Unlike laminate countertops, granite can withstand the heat from pots and pans right off the stove or out of the oven without cracking or causing any discoloration. When you’re preparing a Thanksgiving feast, you’ll be pretty thankful for this feature when you’re wondering where to set the pies, rolls, or bird when you also have a full stovetop!

4.) Disinfect Easilyegg-943413_1920

Poultry is a dangerous raw meat—it can contain salmonella or cause staph or listeria infections. Other ingredients used in cooking, like raw eggs or red meat, can also leave behind dangerous residues. You need to make sure that your kitchen can easily be thoroughly cleansed of all potential germs from animal products; luckily, granite is extremely easy to disinfect, and you won’t have to worry about anything getting left behind or soaking in.

5.) Natural Beauty

You’ll also just love the way the countertops look, and you’ll beam when you hear how many compliments you get! Nothing shows off a beautiful meal quite like a beautiful kitchen, and your countertops are sure to impress your guests as much as they make your time in the kitchen a lot easier.

What’s Our Timeline?

There’s still plenty of time to get new countertops by Thanksgiving! Our typical process begins in the showroom—come in to either our Seattle location or our Kent location to view our slabs and talk with our staff about your choices. Next, we’ll come out to your home and take measurements of your space so you know you get exactly what you need. We’ll create templates that are precise replicas of the countertop shapes you desire, and then we take those templates back to the shop, pair them with the granite you’ve selected, and fabricate the stone!


We have only a one-week turn around time between templating and fabricating/installation, mean that you can have a new set of beautiful countertops before you know it! Our next round of tempting will take place beginning October 26th, so come into our show rooms anytime before then to get on our roster! If you miss the October 26t templating period, there will still be more before a Thanksgiving deadline—contact us to talk about getting you some gorgeous new countertops for the holidays!