3 Money-Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

Home renovations are expensive – there’s no doubt about it. There’s a balance to be had between investing in quality work and materials and cutting corners, however. The team at Granite & Marble Specialties understands your need for reliable, high-quality kitchen materials at a reasonable price. Through our experience working on hundreds of kitchens around the Puget Sound area, we have a number of tips and ideas that can help homeowners save money throughout the remodel process.

  1. Work in Stages

A remodel doesn’t have to be complete and total all at once. Working towards a large kitchen overall over a long period of time and breaking steps down in stages is a great way to compartmentalize the process and get a great deal on a beautiful new kitchen. Whereas hiring a contractor to do a full overhaul will set you back tens of thousands of dollars, hiring specialists to work on specific sections of your kitchen and doing some improvements on your own will save you big.

  1. Be Realistic, Be Accurate

Everyone wants their dream kitchen, but not everyone can afford it. Being realistic about your expectations and taking accurate measurements when getting quotes from contractors or installers will help keep your budget on track and keep your final cost in control.

  1. Choose the Right Material for Your Budget

Skimping on the cost of material can turn around to bite you in the long run, but that doesn’t mean you need to splurge on a decadent surface for your countertops or cabinets. Selecting a beautiful, natural stone surface from Granite & Marble Specialties might be cheaper than you’d expect.

With the advantage of being a wholesaler, retailer, and installer, we can undercut even the big box home improvement stores. Contact Granite & Marble Specialties here or get a quote now.