Granite & Marble Specialties is the area’s leading fabricator for quartz surfaces in Seattle, Bellevue, Kent, Issaquah, Sammamish,
Redmond, Kirkland, and throughout the Puget Sound region

Quartz is currently one of the most popular selections for both residential and commercial countertop surfaces. Many of our clients in the Bellevue, Kent, Seattle and surrounding areas that we service chose quartz for their project’s solid surface needs. Common applications include:


Vanity countertops


Kitchen countertops


Solid surface backsplash


Dining or coffee table tops


Enhancing different elements of furniture


Wall and column cladding


Facing fireplaces


Custom fabricated modern design kitchen, bar, and lavatory sinks

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Understandably quartz has wide range of applications because of its extraordinary durability and nonporous surface. Its structure resists moisture and bacteria. Exceptional countertops, table tops, fireplaces, walls are very notable elements admired for their beauty will contribute to uniqueness, luxury of your home.

Quartz is used not only for residential purposes, but also for commercial applications such as cafes, restaurants, swimming pools and spa-salons. Durability, resistance to various damages, simplicity of maintenance help quartz to gain popularity in the domestic segment. Design properties of quartz is a great part of attraction of this material.

At our showrooms our clients select from a wide range of color options from the leading quartz manufacturers in the USA and around the world. Examples of available selections can be found on the “Stone Gallery” page.


What is Quartz?Fabrication technology

quartz-countertop-bellevueA combination of natural quartz mineral, high-quality polyester resin, and other materials to create color pigments. The portion of natural quartz, one of the most durable natural materials, is 91-93%, depending on the manufacturer. The remaining 7-9% of the composition of quartz is comprised of resins that bond the material together and various pigments that create the appearance and designs found in various quartz options. Quartz is produced by using “vibrocompression vacuum process” using the patented Bretonstone system. The finished products look like various natural stones, however it lacks the disadvantages of natural materials.

A distinctive feature of quartz is its unique strength and maintenance free stain resistant surface.

Quartz is an excellent choice that will add elegance and luxury to your home.